Energy Solutions

Routeco can assist with your industrial energy solutions and we work with partners such as Eaton to provide Cooper Lighting assessments and solutions to save cost in your manufacturing plants.

We can offer various energy saving initiatives and products in addition to the control and automation products we supply and technically support.



LED Lighting Solutions

One of the areas that is showing a lot of interest at the moment is our very competitive LED lighting products which I am sure will be of interest to you for some of the following reasons;

  • Anyone can save you energy on your lighting, but do they ensure your new lighting meets the requirements of an industrial environment?
  • Up to 80% reduction in Energy and CO2 with paybacks in less than 12 months, in most manufacturing facilities working 24/5. With the added benefit of an improved lighting environment
  • British designed and manufactured with a 5 year fully supported warranty including 24/7 operating hours
  • Zero Maintenance costs for the first 3 years, should you have a failure within the first 3 years of installation we will replace the fitting at our cost including all access equipment. We have 33 service engineers throughout the UK



Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS)

ESOS is a mandatory energy assessment scheme for organisations in the UK that meet the qualification criteria. The Environment Agency is the UK scheme administrator.

Organisations that qualify for ESOS must carry out ESOS assessments every 4 years. These assessments are audits of the energy used by their buildings, industrial processes and transport to identify cost-effective energy saving measures.

Routeco's Energy Solutions consultants can advise you on ESOS and work with you to identify areas of improvement within your industrial processes. If you would like to discuss this subject with one of our consultants please contact us at

For more information on ESOS please visit