FactoryTalk View. Site Edition. Station. 250 displays. Visualisation software

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Technical Specification
Loadable for operating system for configuration software, Windows 7yes
Max. number of clients250
Multi-user capable, runtimeyes
SCADA functionalityyes
Suitable for operating system Windows 7yes
Features and Benefits
  • Technology is an ever-changing landscape - one that evolves so rapidly that it can be hard to keep pace. Exploiting advancements in commercial technology and product investment will help enable you to take advantage of mobility, virtualization, and other new technologies. FactoryTalk® View Site Edition (SE) will help you prepare for changes in your own environment and deliver:
  • Improved Operator Effectiveness
  • •Easy to understand display screens help the operator quickly assess the situation and navigate the system
  • •View and interact with alarm conditions throughout the integrated architecture with easy-to-use graphical alarm objects
  • •System-wide diagnostics report, route and store information about events that happened in a system and provide a system wide diagnostic solution for determining root cause of an issue
  • •Mobile HMI provides continuous system visibility any time, any where
  • Design Time Effectiveness
  • •Define tags once in the Logix controller, then access them throughout your system
  • •Fast and reliable access to data in the Logix family of controllers
  • •Common development environment provides application framework for managing/editing machine-level up to distributed applications
  • •Reduce the overall maintenance effort and the probability of introducing errors with global objects, pre-engineered faceplates, and tagless HMI servers
  • Scalable HMI Solutions
  • •Scale from single station to multi-client / multi-server systems
  • •Architect the right solution to meet today’s needs while supporting future expansion as your system grows
  • •Expand the capabilities of the system by integrating and sharing of data with other Rockwell Software products
  • Stringent Security Framework
  • •Restricted access to control system assets and ability to meet the most stringent security requirements such as FDA 21 CFR Part 11
  • •Common users and security configuration throughout all FactoryTalk-based products
  • Optimized Communication
  • •Highly reliable client and server communication
  • •Optimized communications with the Logix family of controllers
  • •Easy connectivity options for non-Logix and 3rd-party controllers
  • Virtualization
  • •All FactoryTalk View SE system components have VMware Ready Status
  • •PlantPAx Virtual Image Templates have FactoryTalk View SE pre-installed on the appropriate Microsoft operating system to minimize setup and configuration
  • Mobility
  • •Extended visualization and real-time decision capabilities to web-enabled users
  • •Define tags and graphic objects and displays once and reference them throughout a distributed system
  • •Streamlined development with a common editor for FactoryTalk View ME and SE
  • •Share data and integrate seamlessly with other FactoryTalk enabled products. The FactoryTalk Services Platform provides common services such as security, alarming and diagnostics across products
  • •Maximize productivity by directly accessing tag information in the controller, eliminating the need to create HMI tags
  • •Configure your application from anywhere on the network and easily make changes to a running system with remote, multi-user configuration capability
  • •Scalable Architecture from single station HMI to multi-client/multi-server system
  • •Maximize system availability with built-in failure detection and recovery
  • •Robust client side scripting to extend applications for your specific needs
  • •Real-time and historical trending with built-in connectivity to FactoryTalk Historian
  • •Audit trail of operator and alarm information in a centralized log database
  • •Built-in library of over 5000 pre-designed graphical symbols
  • •Expanded topology allows for up to 10 redundant servers and 50 clients
  • •Remote commands provides improved PlantPAx faceplate interaction
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