Single-Turn,3/8" Solid Shaft,5-12V DC

842HR Sine Cosine/Serial Encoder. Single-turn (1 turn). M23 17-pin Connector

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Technical Specification
Construction size66.5 mm
Diameter of axle9...59.5 mm
Explosion safety category for dustNone
Explosion safety category for gasNone
Material housingAluminium
Max. pulses per revolution32768
ModelAbsolute encoder
Number of revolutions0...4096
Number of steps per revolution0...32768
Physical measurement principleOptic
Signal outputs of rotary encoderOther
Standard for interfacesRS-485
Type of electric plug connectionConnector M23
Type of shaft encoderFull shaft
Type of transmission mediumCopper
Features and Benefits
  • Absolute feedback for position control
  • High resolution Incremental feedback for speed control
  • Commutation
  • Sine/cosine differential interface
  • Digital bi-directional RS-485 interface
  • Compatible with Hiperface® interface
  • Internal diagnostic functions
  • High performance motor or auxiliary feedback
  • High accuracy and resolution
  • Low bandwidth
  • Maximum noise immunity
  • One interface for all servo motor applications
  • Standalone housing (suitable for mounting external to a servo motor)
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