PICS Pro Simulation Software License, USB Key

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Technical Specification
Features and Benefits
  • Modern, customizable, visual development / debugging environment
  • Ladder diagram editor for developing simulation logic (based on the IEC-61131-3 standard)
  • Easy-to-use template editor for creating simulated devices and logic function blocks
  • Device worksheets for graphically displaying the status of simulated devices and interacting with controls
  • Importing I/O variables from popular PLC programming packages or from any delimited file format using the Import Wizard
  • Editable scenarios for restoring or setting a simulation to a specific state greatly simplifies problem re-creation
  • Save time and money
  • Faster startups - typically save up to 30% of the overall project programming, installation and debugging time
  • Eliminate software bugs earlierin the project
  • Locate and correct software problems 10 to 20 times faster in a simulated environment
  • Reduce downtime by installing tested and proven software Reduce project risk
  • Minimize project scheduling and cost uncertainties associated with debugging control logic problems
  • Identify and correct problems before they cause delays and cost over runs
  • Improve operator training
  • Operators can gain valuable experience running production on the “live” control system in a simulated environment
  • Training sessions can include emergency scenarios that would be too angerous using the actual equipment
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