(4)Analog In For Programmable Controller

SLC500. Analogue input module. Input 4 x +-20mA/+-10V. 16 bit resolution

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Technical Specification
Depth130.18 mm
Explosion safety category for dustNone
Explosion safety category for gasNone
Height144.5 mm
Input, currentyes
Input, resistance thermometerno
Input, resistorno
Input, thermocoupleno
Input, voltageyes
Number of analogue inputs4
Number of analogue outputs0
Output, currentno
Output, voltageno
Resolution of the analogue inputs16 Bit
Type of electric plug connectionPlug-in connection
Width34.6 mm
Features and Benefits
  • •Ladder-logic and structured-text programming
  • •Advanced instruction set including file handling, sequencer, diagnostic, shift register, immediate I/O, and program control instructions
  • •Built-in RS-232/422/423 communication port
  • •DeviceNet and ControlNet I/O on selected processors
  • •One or more on-board ports that can be configured for either Data Highway Plus™ (DH+) or Universal Remote I/O
  • •Universal Remote I/O ports can be configured as an I/O scanner port or an I/O adapter port
  • •Ethernet PLC-5® controllers and the Ethernet interface module (1785-ENET) provide built-in web services
  • •Backup options for increased fault tolerance through the ControlNet™ Hot Backup module or the PLC-5 Backup Communication module
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