VPU II 3+1 280V/40KA

Surge voltage arrester (power suply systems), without telecomm. contact, Type II, Type III, low voltage network: TN-C-S, TT, IT with N, AC, 230 V

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Technical Specification
Nominal discharge surge current (8/20)20 kA
Nominal voltage AC230 V
Max. continuous voltage AC280 V
Voltage protection level1.55 kV
Voltage protection level L-N1.55 kV
Voltage protection level N-PE1.5 kV
Mounting methodDIN rail (top hat rail) 35 mm
Construction size4 modular spacing
Max. conductor cross section solid (solid, stranded)1.5 mm²
Max. conductor cross section flexible (fine-strand)1.5 mm²
With remote signalling contactno
Integrated backup fuseno
Signalling at the deviceOptic
Category type 2yes
Features and Benefits
  • Type I/II lightning arrester for use downstream/ upstream of the electrical meter
  • No-leakage-current version suitable for use upstream of the electrical meter
  • Suitable for protection classes III and IV (LPLIII/IV)
  • Can also be used as Type II surge protection
  • Tested according to IEC 61643-11 for Type I and II surge protection
  • Pluggable arrester
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