3~ Filter 480VAC, 80A, Term34, Cy 3.4uF

3~ Filter 480VAC, 80A, Term34, Cy 3.4uF

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Technical Specification
Max. rated operation voltage Ue530 V
Rated current at AC80...80 A
Rated operation frequency50...60 Hz
Suitable as audio frequency blockageno
Suitable as du/dt-filterno
Suitable as radio interference suppression filterno
Suitable as sinus filterno
Features and Benefits
  • FN 3287 and FN 3288 series of filters provides stateof-the-art EMI attenuation based on an innovative filter topology. They help to ensure compliance with Class C2 or even C1 limits.
  • The slim book-style shape allows a convenient and space-saving installation next to inverters, converters or motor drives.
  • The compact FN3287 and FN3288 filter from 10 to 160A are designed for the most diverse applications worldwide, including machinery and machine tools.
  • FN 3288 HV filters up to 160 A are applicable for 690 VAC distribution networks.
  • FN 3288IT and FN 3288HVIT filters up to 160 A meet the special requirements for IT distribution networks.
  • Low leakage current filter versions help to fulfill tough requirements (e.g. 0.1 mA) in respect of leakage current limitation.
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