PFLEX 700 400V 8.7A 4KW IP20 EMC

PowerFlex700 AC Drive, 400 VAC, 3 PH, 8.7 Amps, 4 kW Normal Duty, 3 kW Heavy Duty, IP20 / Type 1, with conformal coating, No HIM (Blank Plate), Brake IGBT Installed, Without Drive Mounted Brake Resistor, Second Environment Filter per CE EMC directive (89/336/EEC), No Communication Module, Vector Control with 24V I/O, No Feedback

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Technical Specification
Application in domestic- and commercial area permittedyes
Depth200 mm
Dynamic brake chopper includedyes
Dynamic brake resistor fittedno
Height336 mm
Mains frequency50 Hz
Mains voltage380...480 V
Max. output at linear load at rated output voltage2.2 kW
Max. output at quadratic load at rated output voltage4 kW
Nominal output current I2N807 A
Number of HW-interfaces industrial Ethernet1
Number of phases input3
Number of phases output3
Supporting protocol for Data-Highwayno
Supporting protocol for DeviceNetno
Supporting protocol for DeviceNet Safetyno
Supporting protocol for EtherNet/IPyes
Supporting protocol for MODBUSno
Supporting protocol for other bus systemsno
Supporting protocol for SERCOSno
Supporting protocol for TCP/IPyes
Width110 mm
With control unitno
Features and Benefits
  • Includes power ratings:
  • 200…240V: 0.37…66 kW / 0.5…100 Hp / 2.2…260 A
  • 380…480V: 0.37…132 kW / 0.5…200 Hp / 1.1…260 A
  • 500…600V: 1…150 Hp / 1.7…144 A
  • 690V: 45…132 kW / 52…142 A
  • Includes IP20 NEMA/UL Type 1, Open/Flange, IP54 NEMA 12
  • Provides V/Hz control, sensorless vector control, and vector control with FORCE™ Technology
  • Offers CIP™ (Common Industrial Protocol) communications including DeviceNet™, ControlNet™, and EtherNet/IP™
  • Meets demands for space, flexibility, and reliability
  • Provides excellent torque production, tight torque regulation, and fast update times of torque inputs
  • Offers a control cassette which houses all control, I/O, and encoder options and is interchangeable with all PowerFlex® 700 drive ratings
  • Offers configuration and programming via optional integral LCD keypad, remote keypad, or software
  • Offers Premier Integration with PowerFlex® AC drives which uses the Logix control platform to simplify parameter and tag programming and reduce development time
  • Our industry expertise in Drives Systems Solutions can help you maximize machine availability and minimize project risk.

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