LC OM3/OM4 multimode duplex connector, a

Lc 10gig 50 Micron Multimode Duplex Fiber Optic Connector For 900 Micron Tight-buffered Fiber Instal

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Technical Specification
Fibre classOM3
Material of ferruleCeramics
Suitable for type of fibreMulti mode
Type of connectorLC-Duplex
Features and Benefits
  • Factory pre-polished fiber stub endface - Eliminates inconsistent and time-consuming field polishing to deliver required optical performance; reduces termination time (less than half the time of field polish connectors) and the number of installation tools required.
  • Dual cam design with fiber and buffer clamps - Secures both the fiber and the buffer during the camming step to facilitate consistent termination results; reduces the termination time compared to conventional termination methods.
  • Allows up to two re-terminations to achieve optimum termination results; reduces the number of rejected connectors and terminations to provide yield rates approaching 100% for lower installed costs
  • Translucent housing assembly - Facilitates inspection of the fiber termination quality; results in rapid installations, improved termination yields, and lower installed costs.
  • Non-optical disconnect - Maintains data transmission under tensile loads for jacketed cable
  • Mechanical cable retention - Consistently provides higher than industry standard cable retention; requires no adhesive, speeding installation
  • Zirconia ceramic ferrules - Provide the highest durability for repeated matings
  • OptiCam® Termination Tool
  • Universal termination tool - Secures both fiber and buffer in one action for all OptiCam® Connectors with connector specific cradles (included); ensures fast, consistent, and optimal terminations
  • Integrated visual termination indicator (VTI) - Provide the highest durability for repeated matings

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