SD Set S2.5-5.5/PH1/2


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Average Lead Time: 7 working days
Non-Returnable Product
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Associated Products
PCB plug connector, Male connectors, closed side, 5.08 mm, No. of poles: 2, tinned, Orange, Box
Price Per 100 Order Multiple (180)
PCB plug connector, Male connectors, closed side, 5.08 mm, No. of poles: 3, tinned, Orange, Box
Price Per 100 Order Multiple (120)
Average Lead Time: 10 working days
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Technical Specification
E-mechanic setno
Heating- + sanitary mechanic setno
Number of blind nut inserts0
Number of cable cutters0
Number of coaxial tools0
Number of crosshead screwdrivers PH2
Number of crosshead screwdrivers PZ0
Number of files0
Number of finishing tools glass fibre cable0
Number of fork spanners0
Number of guiding drills0
Number of hole edge core drills0
Number of hole saws0
Number of HSS spiral drills0
Number of open-end spanners0
Number of pliers0
Number of ring spanners0
Number of slotted screwdrivers4
Number of socket spanners0
Number of step drills0
Number of Torx screwdrivers0
Number of wood borers0
Total number of tools6
Features and Benefits
  • Weidmüller SoftFinish screwdriver for general uses, blade made from fully hardened, high-alloy chromiumvanadium-molybdenum steel, matt chrome finish.
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