WITTENSTEIN UK Ltd are a company that were formed in 1999 as the UK subsidiary to WITTENSTEIN SE.

WITTENSTEIN SE employ 2,500 people worldwide in 60+ different locations, always there when you need them to cover all available options, making business as easy as possible.








The innovators in servo gear technology, WITTENSTEIN SE continue to be the most advanced manufacturer by helping customers improve quality, productivity and profitability.

Their product portfolio includes;

  • In Line Planetary Gearheads
  • Servo Right–Angled Gearheads
  • Rack & Pinion Systems
  • Rotary and Linear Actuators
  • Hygienic Design offerings
  • Couplings and Torque Limiters
  • Engineering Software (Cymex, Sizing Assistant & CAD Point)

The gearboxes are delivered with adaptor plates to suit the desired servo motor.











Along with the standard product range, WITTENSTEIN also create customised solutions, offering design expertise, from requirements definition through to systems integration and validation. Designing solutions with optimal power density and high reliability, our engineers are experienced in developing a highly dynamic and cost effective motion control system.

To find out more information about WITTENSTEIN, visit their website at www.wittenstein.co.uk