Today steute is a globally renowned specialist for the development and production of safe and reliable switchgear for complex and critical applications. True to this motto, around 300 steute employees work hard to develop and produce pioneering, practical and durable switchgear. Because their focus is always firmly on their customers, steute has continually and lastingly grown, decade after decade. And will continue to develop – alongside their customers.

Their Löhne location is in East Westphalia, a centre of German engineering and electrics. It is home to competent specialists developing and manufacturing innovative products with real commitment, and they have many good contacts to renowned universities and other research and educational establishments to be found in the region.




The steute product portfolio comprises a wide range of serial products, as well as numerous customised solutions, and is divided into four business fields, each with its own core area of competence: 

  • Wireless
  • Automation
  • Extreme
  • Meditec

All four steute business fields endeavour to work closely with the switchgear users and to take customer wishes into account from the development stage onwards. This has led to the emergence of many “specialists” within our switchgear range – for example vibration-proof sensors for use with marine technology, solenoid interlocks for Ex-zones, extremely compact wireless position switches, anti-corrosive sensors in protection class IP 69K, or control systems for medical equipment in which the individual actuators take on different functions depending on the operating mode selected.



steute has at its disposal trained specialists who can guarantee competent consulting and quick service in nearly all the industrial and emerging nations. Part of the company culture is to foster a close cooperation with business partners built on trust. They use their expertise to make you more successful!

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