Panduit was born from innovation. In 1955 we launched our first product, Panduct Wiring Duct, a new invention that uniquely organized control panel wiring and allowed new wires to be added quickly and neatly. Since that time Panduit has introduced thousands of problem solving new products and remained committed to providing innovative electrical and industrial network infrastructure solutions.

Today, customers look to Panduit as a trusted advisor who works with them to address their most critical business challenges within their Data Center, Enterprise, Electrical and Industrial environments.



Products in the Panduit portfolio include;

  • Industrial Ethernet network solutions
  • CPwE Architecture
  • Micro Data Centre Solutions
  • Industrial Distribution Frames
  • Network Zone Systems
  • Control Panel solutions
  • Industrial copper and fibre cabling
  • Value Added Service

Panduit Industrial Automation Infrastructure - Simplifying Robust Industrial Network and IoT Deployment Panduit is a world-class developer and provider of physical infrastructure solutions that improve reliability, security, and safety of Industrial Automation Infrastructure systems while reducing deployment and operating costs. Working with industry leaders, Panduit helps bridge the gap between IT and Controls Engineers by providing optimized building-block architectures for connecting enterprises, industrial networks, and control systems.

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