Founded in 1935 in Kirchhundem (Sauerland), MENNEKES has actively accompanied the fast-paced entry of electricity into all industry sectors right up until the present day, and has influenced the industry with products and solutions for industrial plugs and sockets. And not only in Germany. With a workforce of 1,000, today the family-owned company has an international presence and is one of the leading providers in the electrical industry. MENNEKES products for industrial plugs and sockets, and electric mobility, are used in over 90 countries. 



And the EU too has gone for the highest quality: in 2014, type 2 charging couplers by MENNEKES were declared the standard by the European Parliament in the EU. A pioneering milestone. But they have been making more than plugs for the world for a very long time. They think holistically and create powerful connections that enable people to handle energy more innovatively and to distribute and manage it more intelligently. And because they like to think about things from the user's point of view when they are developing their products and solutions, they also communicate their performance promise from the customer's perspective:   

Their range of products includes:

  • Sockets
  • Plugs and connectors
  • Combination units
  • And more!



To ensure this premium quality, MENNEKES products have to survive the harshest testing before they leave their workshop. As a specialist for plug and socket devices, they have their own approved test lab where their products are exposed to cold, heat, dust and water over and over again. 

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