IGUANA Security



IGUANA Security is a new brand developed specifically for the Critical National Infrastructure (CNI)

market and is brought to you by UK based L-3 TRL Technology; with over 30 years experience in developing and delivering innovative, high technology defence and security solutions helping organisations to protect against evolving threats.

We have developed long standing relationships with government agencies and commercial service providers through supporting their wide ranging network architectures, providing real-time effective assistance in the critical area of Cyber Defence.


As part of the leading defence supplier L-3, we have the available resources to anticipate and support our customers complex needs. We are able to stay one step ahead of the threat in a changing, dynamic environment and customers can rely on our depth of knowledge to provide consistently cutting-edge solutions. L-3 TRL is leveraging the experience gained through developing their award winning High Grade encryption solutions that protects information up to Secret and Top Secret from the threat of interception, to provide secure hardware solutions for the Critical National Infrastructure (CNI) cyber security markets.

IGUANA Security solutions provide organisations in the CNI market the necessary security functions to protect the integrity, confidentiality and availability of their networks and information whilst enabling greater business efficiency.

IGUANA is a registered trademark of TRL Technology Ltd. All L-3 TRL systems incorporate classified technology and are subject to strict export regulations. 

To find out more about Iguana Security, visit their website at www.iguanasecurity.com