Supplier Videos

Robotics Solutions with Autonox24

Their clear segmentation of robot mechanics in hygienic design for primary packaging and light-weight (carbon fibre) design for secondary packaging is unique. They offer a wide range of number of axes, working areas, payload and options. 

Expand your Communications with SMC

SMC have a variety of products, here we showcase their Serial Interface Solutions which can be used to get more relevant data out of your Pneumatic systems. 

Rittal presents the new VX25 Enclosure

Rittal has recently launched the VX25 system, this system proves to be more versatile than previous models. With one pitch pattern, simple interior construction, simplified baying, infinite baying possibilities, quick fit sealing and more.


RF IDeas Improving Industrial Automation Operations

Manufacturers experience many day to day pressures, learn how Routeco & RF IDeas can help dramatically improve industiral automation operations by managing expenses, meeting regulatory compliance, managing inventory, securing workstations and more with RF IDeas family of products.


Easy PLC remote access solutions with eWON's Cosy 131 range

The eWON Cosy 131 is an Industrial VPN Router designed to offer easy remote access, accross the Internet, to machines and installations at customers or in the field.


Multi-point wireless I/O from ProSoft Technology

ProSoft Technology’s Wireless I/O systems let you wirelessly transmit I/O data point to point or between multiple locations, without the hassle of pulling wires, conduit, trenching, or permits.


IntraVUE industrial network visualisation and analytics

IntraVUE, from Panduit, helps to speed both documentation and deployment, and provides advanced analytics to optimise ongoing network performance. 


Cisco solutions from Routeco can help to enhance your IoT security

With new threats arriving every day in a truly digital world to the industrial, manufacturing and process industries, Cisco IoT products and security solutions can help to ensure that you don't fall victim of a cyber attack and will keep your plants running to meet consumer demand.


Rockwell Automation presents the 'Connected Enterprise'

An information-enabled 'Connected Enterprise' is a competitive enterprise. It creates tremendous opportunities for those taking advantage and great risks for those not preparing a strategic response. Find out more by watching this video and get in touch to start your journey now!