Routeco Videos

Routeco LIVE events - 2018

Last year we held our bigger and better Routeco Live event in 3 locations, MK, Leeds and Glasgow. We had an amazing turnout, customers visited from all over the country to see the latest products and hear the latest trends in the Control & Automation industry.


Rockwell Automation & Routeco's Digital Transformation Events

In collaboration with Rockwell Automation we put on 3 great events to help our customers realise the potential of new technologies and updating to a digitised factory floor. The short video below is from our promotion of the event. 

Gin With Spearing

Summer 2019 we have been working on a new and exciting series of videos. These videos are designed help customers decide on new and exciting technologies by delivering the key points and benefits of the products in a few minutes. Below we have our intro video where our Product Marketing Manager Darren explains it in a bit more depth, 

Providing our Customers with Solutions

Our sales engineer Nick Goldie connected Burnell Control with Rittal and ePlan. Allowing Routeco to help provide a solution for our customer, Burnell control, improving their design and manufacturing processes. Working with Rittal and ePlan we help to imrpove the quality, speed and repeat-ability of both engineering design and manufacturing.


Innovative Solutions 

In this video we visit Hornbill in South Wales to see how they are getting on with our Barcode Scanner Solution. The solution can help reduce error, save time and resource. 


Compact PowerFlex Drives from Allen-Bradley

Our Industrial Control Gear product sales specialist Steven talks us through the various types of Rockwell Automation's Powerflex compact drives and the advantages they can provide. The PowerFlex range boasts the smallest drive with the 4 Class drives. Modular design allows for data collection and programming with unparalleled ease.


Routeco & Rockwell Automation at Smart Automation Fair Linz

Our Austrian branch presented products and solutions alongside Rockwell Automation at the Smart Automation Fair in Linz this year the event was a great success and we were able to discuss the area of intelligent manufacturing in the age of digital transformation with our Austrian audience.


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