eWON Industrial Clouds for Remote Solutions

eWON are proud to be awarded with the internationally recognized ISO 27001 standard and ISECOM STAR security certifications. eWON has proactively adopted a broad set of security best practices, and the certifications confirm our ongoing investment in meeting customer needs for data protection and continually improving the effectiveness of our management system.

Security breaches are common in today’s world, especially in industries that services critical infrastructure and machines such as public utilities, emergency systems, building environmental controls and industrial equipment. Data or information assets are prone to constant outside attacks as well as theft and internal breaches at the supplier’s end, which is a reality of today’s world. Choosing the right supplier for providing cloud services and devices in public utilities and critical equipment segment is important and one of the primary parameters are its security controls and practices. Any laxity can lead to financial loss, loss of sensitive and critical information, loss of reputation and even possible threat to lives, when emergency systems and public utilities are involved. ISO/IEC 27001 is an information security standard that ensures the business has undertaken key steps to secure its assets, which can include customer data, employee details, financial information or intellectual property.

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