Push-in Conductor Connection Clamp from Rittal

Little things with a great impact. Who hasn’t had to do this in daily practice: quickly placing a PE terminal or a non-protected rittal-clamp.jpgvoltage tap in switching and control systems. This can now be done quickly, safely and without any tools using the new push-in conductor connection clamps.

  • Completely tool-free conductor connection
  • Completely maintenance-free, as the clamping screw attachment does not need to be tightened
  • Large clamping range. All common types of conductors can be connected
  • Fully insulated all round and with standard marking systems for labelling
  • Optimal contacting by breaking the oxide layer
  • International approvals


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Posted: 02/10/2017 13:19:32 by Becca Hutton | with 0 comments