Rockwell Automation Sensor Technologies

The eyes and ears of efficient machines and equipment.

Unless you are aware what is happening on machines installed in factories minute-by-minute, it is impossible to maintain optimum productivity and efficiency at all times, or to avoid unplanned downtime and loss of production. Conventional sensors can provide only a limited amount of information, but lack the capability to offer diagnostic or parameter data to exchange with a controller.

An integrated Smart Sensor solution provides all the data required to create a comprehensive picture of the status of an enterprise at any particular moment. As integral components of The Connected Enterprise, Smart Sensors can also facilitate the introduction and operation of smart machines, for even greater efficiency and productivity.

Routeco's sensor demonstration case includes a variety of technologies including an Allen Bradley Stratix 5700 managed switch, I/O link master Armour block, photoelectronic sensors, point I/O adapter & I/O link header, laser range finder and an HMS wireless bolt allowing you to have remote access to your panel.

Check out the video below for a more in-depth look:

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