Minimise CapEx and maximise investment return

MTL SUM5™ Smart Universal Marshalling

MTL SUM5 combines five functions in one modular design enabling one standard cabinet to deliver the lowest lifetime costs and lowest installed cost while saving valuable space in a control room.

5 Marshalling functions in 1 cabinet design

Intrinsically safe isolators
Signal conditioning
Relay interfaces
Surge protection
Loop disconnect 

Simplifies commissioning, start-up, maintenance and documentation

25% LOWER Project Execution Costs

• Configuration is easy - no requirement for specialist engineering
• Marshalling component types reduced from 20 to 7
• SUM5 modularity allows late changes in I/O type, surge, to be easily accommodated


• Eliminate up to interconnects per channel, the most common cause of marshalling failures
• Comprehensive diagnostics notify you when service is required


• Designed for ATEX, IECEx and North American hazardous area approvals
• -40°C To +70°C operating temp range


UPTO 50% REDUCTION in Marshalling Cabinets
• 3m2 saving in rack room for each cabinet removed
• Every cabinet eliminated saves 270kg weight

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