Keeping a Legacy PLC Code – Even After Modernising

For Allen-Bradley users, there’s good news. ProSoft Technology has solutions that let you take a  phased approach to control system modernisation. Using a phased approach, you can upgrade critical components of your system – like VFDs – one part at a time. You immediately benefit from newer, more reliable components without the expense of a major retrofit project.

The best part is that you won’t have to touch your PLC code! ProSoft’s AN-X2 modernization gateways have templates built in. This means that you can install a brand-new PowerFlex drive with EtherNet/IP communications, and have all of the Remote I/O data connected exactly as if the old VFD was still there. Your PLC-5 will never know the difference! In addition to drives, the AN-X2 can also emulate FLEX I/O and PanelView HMIs, allowing you to replace aging components easily and with minimal downtime.

Minimise downtime, mitigate risk, and keep your budget in line. ProSoft Technology helps you get the most out of your automation system.

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Posted: 05/11/2019 11:46:05 by Zain Hussain | with 0 comments