Cisco Connected Asset Manager for IoT Intelligence Digital Factories

In the digital factory, Cisco® Connected Asset Manager (CAM) for IoT Intelligence drives operational efficiency and boosts sustainability by digitising and connecting islands of automation, and by providing value-added location-based services, business intelligence (BI) dashboards, and reporting. Real-time and historical analysis enables operators to identify usage patterns and movement, predict behaviour, optimise maintenance schedules and processes, and use energy more efficiently.

Cisco CAM for IoT Intelligence gives factory operators the ability to automate the tracking and monitoring of the location, condition, state, and utilisation of connected assets from a single consolidated view. It collects and analyses information from the devices and assets, allowing for automated system alerting and enabling optimised equipment maintenance using highly intelligent device control and management policies.

Cisco CAM for IoT Intelligence can help you:

  • Extract costs from the manufacturing business through managing by exception and increasing productivity
  • Improve overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) by creating policies to manage assets efficiently based on usage patterns and behaviour
  • Increase asset utilisation and reduce loss through real-time location tracking
  • Lower energy consumption for direct OpEx savings
  • Detect and prevent loss through combined security surveillance, sensor alerts, alarms, and policies
  • Identify the right equipment configurations for the manufacturing shop floor based on utilisation data


  • Gain full visibility into the performance and condition of all connected assets
  • Optimise energy consumption across the manufacturing site, using device control and management policies
  • Manage real-time machine utilisation; optimise maintenance schedules
  • Digitise factory floors and connect “islands of automation” to increase efficiency and reduce costs
  • Improve response times by knowing the precise location and condition of critical assets

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