Allen-Bradley 5069 Compact IO, additional range released

The Compact I/O™ system continues to expand performance capabilities with
the 5069 Compact I/O platform. It is the ideal compact.jpgdistributed I/O solution for use with the ControlLogix® 5580 controller and users with high processing requirements.

The Compact I/O system future-proofs your system and enables The Connected Enterprise, allowing machine builders to bring added value to their customers through a single, unified architecture, using EtherNet/IP™ for increased overall productivity.

  • New part numbers released : 5069-IA16, 5069-OA16, 5069-OB8 & 5069-OW16
  • 27% smaller in width than previous IO modules (22mm average width)
  • Designed to work with the new 5580 ControlLogix and 5380 CompactLogix processors only.
  • Requires V28 of Logix Designer.
  • High speed backplane of packet transfer rate of 4.4ms (30x faster than 1769)

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