After the recent destructive global attack on over 250,000 systems, are your security systems up to date?

In recent years the cyber threat against Critical National Infrastructure has been realised.
Groups with significant capabilitiesIGUANA1.png are ready and willing to deploy sophisticated cyber attacks which expose the vulnerabilities of Industrial Controls Systems not only within their targets but also in others due to collateral damage.

The IGUANABlue Data Guard has been designed and built to provide the highest level of assurance against these and legacy threats. It uses resilient hardware enforced security to defend critical assets from all forms of network based attack.

It mitigates the inherent vulnerabilities of existing ICS protocols by focussing on Operational Technology (OT) aspects of ICS, rather than trying to adapt traditional IT centric approaches thereby providing robust, long-term protection that ensures highoperational availability.

By utilising programmable rules tailored to specific applications via the comprehensive interface, IGUANABlue becomes the attack surface. It negates the need to continually patch equipment in response to the latest threat, thus providing low maintenance cost-effective security even against zero-day exploits.

IGUANABlue is designed and built around a high integrity architecture that does not rely on a single firewall, run on a single processor or use a single set of software. It combines a robust protocol break whilst exposing a minimal attack surface that is intuitive to install and easily integrated into any network. It is equally suitable for new build or retrofit applications.

For those organisations that genuinely care about protecting their critical assets IGUANABlue provides a flexible, forward looking solution that delivers the highest level of assurance in a format that reduces security management overheads.

Key Features:

  • Mitigates vulnerabilities in ICS protocols
  • Reduces the attack surface of control networks
  • Integrates with both IT and OT security systems
  • Minimises the need for device patching whilst reducing maintenance costs
  • Intuitive installation and commissioning.

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