Servo gearbox condition monitoring with Wittenstein

Unplanned machines breakdowns can cause expensive downtime and being able to predict the condition of critical components - especially in real time - is a sensible move. In noisy factory environments it can be easy to miss motors and gearbox vibration with destructive consequences. Investing in monitoring can be challenging especially when needing to adapt and change your machines hardware to suit. 

Wittenstein’s have developed a condition monitoring adaptor that has been made to be the eyes and ears of the main servo drive of the machine to help you detect anomalies before they become problems.

Wittenstein's condition monitoring technology uses high-tech sensors and analytics to collect data on machine performance, including vibration, temperature, and sound. By analysing this data, Wittenstein's condition monitoring technology can detect any unexpected changes that may indicate an impending failure. This early warning system allows maintenance teams to take proactive measures to prevent costly breakdowns and downtime. It also enables them to schedule repairs or replacements, before breakdowns happens which will minimise downtime and reduce unexpected repair costs.

Condition monitoring technology also allows for remote monitoring, which is especially beneficial for machines located in isolated, noisy or hazardous locations. By monitoring machines remotely, maintenance teams can quickly identify issues and make necessary repairs without putting themselves at risk.

Rockwell Automation compatability 

Wittenstein’s condition monitoring products are compatible with Rockwell Automation’s I/O link modules and will feedback to your PLCs – it will also integrate easily with Studio5000.

The technology will improve overall equipment effectiveness (OEE). By detecting potential problems early on, machines can operate at their optimal level, reducing the risk of unplanned downtime and improving overall productivity.

The good news is, if you don’t already have any condition monitoring in place, Wittenstein products can be retrofitted to your drives so you can monitor your machines and keep them operating effectively.

Watch how it works in the video below

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Posted: 27/03/2023 11:40:40 by Leah McLaurin | with 0 comments