Routeco Finance Volunteer Day - YMCA

Routeco’s finance team volunteered at YMCA’s new building development in central Milton Keynes this past Tuesday.

The development will be replacing the current set-up and have 199 rooms to help anyone between the ages of 17-35, that may find themselves homeless. They also have multiple development programmes to help them get back on their feet and hopefully into employment.

As well as fundraising from external sources, the YMCA will also be partially funded by the profits made from their on-site café, nursery and conference rooms. The Café and nursery will also provide some of the residents with an opportunity for employment.

The job for our Finance team was to help them move their furniture into the rooms across the 8 floors ready for the contractors to assemble for the move in, which will hopefully be March this year. Throughout the day our finance team were moving armchairs, bed frames, cabinets and boxes in and around the building.

If you are interested in reading more about the YMCA and what they do, please click here.

The YMCA Shop is still open for support as they gather final and replacement items (in case kitchen items  break etc). Please click here for more information.

Posted: 18/03/2020 14:22:12 by Zain Hussain | with 0 comments