How utilising software and technology can help reduce energy usage and save costs

Routeco are here to help reduce energy consumption in your machines and factory environment.

Find the right solution for your business.


The ThinManager platform offers features that allow the modern factory to lower energy cost, implement sustainable technology, and deliver enhanced security. This flexible platform can be configured through a variety of innovative options for any Remote Desktop Services network without the difficulty of managing multiple network configurations. The ThinManager platform also supports virtual machines, IP cameras, multiple monitors, touch screens, card-based and biometric authentication devices as well as management for Apple, Microsoft Surface and Android mobile devices.

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SMC Pressure monitoring sensors

Adding switches or other monitoring systems to processes will drive greater awareness of energy consumption and give greater control on how and when it is used. The more details there are, the better the decisions will be.

The installation of monitoring solutions will also assist you in detecting mismatches or unexpected waste, giving you the visibility to further improve performance.

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Rittal Blue e+

Blue e+ cooling units now offer even more energy savings thanks to the eco-mode control function for demand-oriented climate control.

In addition, the installed components such as fans, condenser, evaporators and liquefiers have been streamlined to yield greater energy-efficiency.

Ideally, you can save up to 70% energy by using the cooling units.

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