Free Webinar Accountability Systems: Getting from Good to Great in Safety

Grace will be offering a free webinar on March 7th 10am-11am CST & 2-3 CST discussing Accountability Systems: Getting from Good to Great in Safety.

Good Safety Management is just good Management...applied to Safety. Effective managers recognize that everyone in the organization impacts Safety in some manner and the key to effective Safety management is getting everyone to optimize their part of the Safety process. This is known as "Corporate Alignment" and any organization that is currently making a profit has figured out a way to align their resources to some degree. Two key components to corporate alignment are ensuring that the right things are getting "measured" (metrics) and Performance Planning. Integrating these things can be difficult but the benefits are worth the effort.

This webinar will help attendees to understand how to "measure Safety" in appropriate terms and how to hold everyone in the organization accountable (not blame them) for their part of the Safety process.

Learning objectives:

  • Explain life cycle management in safety
  • Explain three ways to measure Safety performance
  • Explain the difference between Accountability cultures vs Blame cultures
  • Write a Performance Planning objective for Executives, middle managers & salaried supervisors.

Presenter: John Kolak
Schedule: March 7, 2018 - 10- 11 AM and 2-3 PM all times central.
Topic Title:  Accountability Systems: Getting from Good to Great in Safety.

To register for this free webinar, please click here. 

For more information contact your local Routeco branch on 0370 607 1000 or email

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