Rockwell Automation at Routeco LIVE

During Routeco Live 2022 Rockwell Automation will showcase the value and power of our industrial automation expertise. Their team will guide you through the latest breakthroughs and proven best practices, and to work with you on how to enhance your operation and achieve greater results. Join them for this amazing opportunity to explore how Rockwell Automation systems connect your company end-to-end with data-fueled insights, improving the decisions that deliver results, and how together we are expanding human possibilities.

Below is the list of the interesting discussions Rockwell Automation will be hosting at Routeco LIVE, providing the opportunity for you to learn more about the latest trends and opportunities within industrial automation. 

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Executive Session – Why Business Insights and Analytics are so important and how the Digital Thread makes them possible.

Modern business practice and decision making requires not just data, but clear functional information about your manufacturing processes and it requires it in real time. This session looks at how cloud-based solutions are helping deliver this capability and how Rockwell Automation can make it a reality for your organisation.

Increase the Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) of your plant.

Maintenance Software in conjunction with SMART Devices can deliver exceptional improvements in manufacturing productivity. With a look into FIIX software and the data available from our SMART device portfolio, gain an understanding of how to identify where improvements in machine availability, performance, and quality can be made.

How Rockwell Automation products can deliver Machine Safety through both discrete connections and Ethernet/IP.

Machine Safety is paramount. We explore why there is now a choice of discrete and network Safety options along with examples of how and where these will be used. Additionally, new additions to the Rockwell Safety automation portfolio will be described.

New Rockwell Automation Products for 2022

In this session we will introduce some of the new products being released through 2022 including new high power Servo Motors, FactoryTalk Edge Gateway and a brand-new range of PowerFlex Drives.

Manufacturing Cyber Security and how to address it

Cyber security breaches are becoming increasingly challenging, and the consequences can be unthinkable. Gain an understanding of how to address the basics in developing a cyber security approach from the role of the individual through to the role of technology.

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