Micro810 Programmable Logic Controller

Machine builders and end users who need a cost-effective control solution for their small applications will benefit from the Allen-Bradley Micro800 programmable controllers and Connected Components Workbench software from Rockwell Automation.

As the smallest of the Micro800 family, the Micro810 controller is available in a 12pt version, with 8A outputs that eliminate the need for external relays. The Micro810 features embedded smart relay function blocks that can be configured from a 1.5” LCD and keypad. The function blocks include Delay OFF/ON Timer, Time of Day, Time of Week and Time of Year for applications requiring a programmable timer and lighting control. Programming can also be done through a program download via USB programming port, using Connected Components Workbench Software.

Connected Components Workbench software is shared among the entire Micro800 family of controllers, as well as other component products, such as PanelView Component HMIs and PowerFlex drives. Based on proven Rockwell Automation and Microsoft Visual Studio technology, the software provides controller programming, device configuration and data sharing with the HMI editor for PanelView Component operator products. In addition, the software supports three standard IEC programming languages: ladder diagram, function block diagram and structured text.

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