Achieve your plant floor goals with efficient control and automatic monitoring

Allen-Bradley 854J (40 mm) and 854K (60 mm) tower lights provide reliable, high-performance machine multi-status indication in a cost-effective package. The 854J and 854K feature an IP66 enclosure rating and are rated for indoor and outdoor use, making them an ideal signalling solution for a broad range of applications.

With a wide variety of mounting bases to choose from, the 854J and 854K can be installed in any orientation – vertical, sideways or upside down – to best suit the application.

The 854J and 854K can be easily expanded to 5 levels per stack or up to 10 modules in a single arrangement via the double-sided base option. With the option of a 10 cm plastic tube base extension, the 854J and 854K can be used in applications where a traditional aluminium pole can’t be used or is not desired.

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