A new ERA in packaging

Packaging machines today need to address two primary areas for manufacturers. First, machines need to be designed to take advantage of smart manufacturing to give manufacturers a competitive edge.Rockwell-Image.png

This means machines that:

  • Are information-enabled.
  • Can deliver real-time diagnostics.
  • Use contemporary safety technologies.
  • Are easy to integrate.

Smart manufacturing is only in its infancy and still being shaped by the emergence of smart devices. Because of this, smart machines must be future ready, with the capacity to easily scale up with additional connections and expansions.

Second, machines need to be high-performing and help manufacturers meet their most pressing business needs to:

  • Maximise productivity and efficiencies to remain competitive.
  • Improve packaging flexibility to accommodate expanded product varieties and more diverse packaging sizes.
  • Meet the needs of an aging and evolving workforce.

Your job is to meet these dual expectations with advanced smart machines that incorporate the latest automation technologies and allow you to use innovation as a competitive differentiator. You can use the inherent benefits of smart technologies to reduce the complexity, time and cost of designing machines.

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