1756-RMS-SC Power Monitor Module by Spectrum Controls

For single-phase applications that benefit from precise power monitoring, this new module will meet your needs. spectrum-3-(1).jpg
Whether your application applies power in the form of a traditional sinewave, a sinewave with phase angle fired SCR control or from a DC power source, the RMS module will be a good choice for you. All modules offer 16-bit resolution, fully linearized data and over/under range indication. With a full featured Add-On-Profile, the module automatically populates information into the data table of the ControlLogix® controller. As an example, some of the data points being monitored and calculated by the module include RMS volts, RMS amps, Real Power, Apparent Power, and Power Factor.

Features and Benefits

  • Eight isolated input channel pairs; one current and one voltage.
  • Non-typical AC waveforms supported such as phase angle fired SCR waveforms.
  • Increased visibility on energy consumption.
  • Extend the life of critical components within your plant.
  • Easily manage peak-hour energy demands to avoid expensive utility fees.
  • Improve uptime and reliability by monitoring power on per component basis.
  • Supported by local TechConnect phone support from Rockwell Automation at no additional cost.
  • Easily configured using RSLogix® software.

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