Solid-State Relays by Allen-Bradley

Looking for combining long life, lower power consumption and savings?

Solid state relay has been developed as the handling answer to the above.

World-class Allen-Bradley relays and timing relays by Rockwell Automation are designed, manufactured, and tested to meet your standard and most critical demands. Allen-Bradley wants you to focus your core activities, not parts. Allen-Bradley offers a broad product selection that provides flexibility and industry-proven reliability.

Ideal Applications:

  • Reduced PLC outputs to meet energy consumption goals
  • Provides longer life for PLC, saving money and increasing efficiency
  • Switching currents or voltage too high for PLC outputs to handle
  • Interfacing two or more system voltages – for example, 24V to 120V
  • Controlling multiple loads from safety and interlock commands
  • Logic for manual control
  • Reduced PLC outputs by using relays to turn many devices on and off simultaneously
  • Provides isolation from solid-state output leakage current

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