Safety PLC market is likely to witness unwavering growth

Are you looking to help future proof your system and enable the Connected Enterprise?

CompactLogix 5380 controllers help enable faster system performance, capacity, productivity and security to meet the growing demands of smart machines and equipment for manufacturing.

Compact GuardLogix 5380 controllers are part of the Logix 5000 family of controllers. The controllers provide a scalable controller solution to address a wide variety of applications. The applications range from standalone systems to more complex systems with devices that are connected to the controller via an EtherNet/IP network.

All CompactLogix 5380 controllers use the same development environment, Studio 5000 software, combining elements of design into one standard framework that can optimize productivity and reduce time to commission. Studio 5000 also manages safety, so you don’t have to be concerned about separation of standard and safety memory, or worry about partitioning logic to isolate safety – the software does it for you.


  • Enhanced performance and troubleshooting
  • Scalable Safety Solution
  • Added security and capabilities

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Posted: 19/07/2019 10:04:39 by Lisa Ispieva | with 0 comments