PanelView 5000 by Allen-Bradley

To help you optimise productivity, Allen-Bradley has expanded the PanelView 5000 portfolio of graphic terminals and Studio 5000 View Designer software. Studio 5000 View Designer software is included as part of the Studio 5000 Automation Engineering & Design Environment software. It allows engineers to enter configuration information only once and leverage it across the entire automation design system. The integration of hardware and software helps you build modern applications more easily and make data-driven decisions faster.

Features and Benefits:

Enhanced integration with Logix

  • Logix-based alarms are automatically available, eliminating additional configuration
  • High-speed HMI buttons provide quick response and feedback for machine jogging applications
  • Logix tag extended property support helps develop richer content

Increased productivity with intuitive design environment

  • Intuitive navigation menu reduces configuration time
  • Scalable vector graphics automatically adjust objects and screens to any terminal size
  • Create custom, re-usable add-on graphics to more efficiently build your applications

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