1756 GuardLogix Integrated Safety Controller by Allen-Bradley

Are you looking for flexible solutions that can help address global safety standards and regulation?

With the Allen-Bradley GuardLogix system, you get safety control, together with ControlLogix standard and motion control for true integrated safety that offers SIL 3, PLe control.

This controller is the only true integrated safety controller on the market that offers safe and standard control in a single controller with a single software package.

With the GuardLogix system, you can also benefit by using Studio 5000 standard development environment for all Allen-Bradley Logix controllers. The flexible, tag-based system makes it easy to coordinate between safe and standard logic and to display diagnostics about the safety system. Studio 5000 also manages safety, so you don’t manually have to manage the separation of standard and safety memory, or worry about partitioning logic to isolate safety – it’s all done for you by Studio 5000 development environment.

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Posted: 01/07/2019 10:51:51 by Lisa Ispieva | with 0 comments