SMART Manufacturing - Risk Vs Reward

It takes real commitment to change your business and take it
to where it needs to be. As a business, we are shutterstock_480408787.jpgalways evaluating and proposing where improvements can be made within the manufacturing sector. One of the biggest questions that arises is - how committed are you in creating a future-proof and secure business?

‘£20,000 lost for every 6 minutes of downtime’ that could be you. The rewards of a robust infrastructure outweigh the risks. Below are some risks we know exist and have impacted companies.


  • Machine down-time affecting production output
  • Adversities which could have been avoided
  • Lack of productivity and increased waste
  • Loss of profit
  • Reputation damage
  • Making poor business decisions based on inaccurate data


  • Increased profitability and productivity
  • Resilient network
  • Robust infrastructure design
  • Future proofing your business and making it sustainable
  • Making strategic business decisions based on accurate and real-time data
  • Increased OEE (Overall equipment efficiency)
  • Protection from cyber threats

Routeco have nearly 40 years’ experience in the Industrial & Manufacturing sectors and our newly created Industrial Networks division are ready to help you unlock the rewards from SMART manufacturing.  To find out more about Network Surveys and evaluating how SMART your factory is today please click here.

For more information please contact your local Routeco branch on 0370 607 1000 or email [email protected]

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