Learn why Stratus’ Industrial Edge will redefine smart manufacturing and IIoT process

Stratus are hosting a free webinar on Tuesday 24th July 09:00 – 10:00 CDT (15:00 – 16:00 UK time).


The benefits of IIoT and Smart Manufacturing are generally easy to define, but the road to achieving those benefits is often excessively complex and costly. That changes now. We no longer need to walk that troublesome road. Welcome to Stratus’ new world of high-availability edge computing solutions that can be implemented easily within industrial environments—so simple a child could deploy and maintain them!


In this Webinar, you’ll learn to:


·         Harmonise IT and OT operations efficiently.

·         Simplify digital processes and protect software environments.

·         Reduce costs and avoid application downtime.

·         Deploy technology that is exceedingly simple and easy to maintain!

Stratus Free Webinar


Hosted by Greg Hookings (Principal Consultant for Industry 4.0 for Stratus Technologies) and John Fryer (Industry Solutions, Stratus Technologies) this webinar will be interesting discussion. To register, please click here <embed link: https://www.automationworld.com/why-stratus-industrial-edge-will-redefine-smart-manufacturing-and-iiot-processes

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