FLEX 5000 I/O Modules

Flexible I/O platform enabling integrated control for The Connected Enterprise

FLEX 5000 I/O is a reliable and flexible distributed I/O solution, allowing you to choose your I/O to meet your operational needs. FLEX 5000 I/O enhances communication with 1 Gb EtherNet/IP connectivity, offering higher speed and increased bandwidth. Flexibility is provided through multiple network architectures and topology options in addition to a wide range of standard and safety I/O modules.


  • Fast, flexible architecture with 1 Gb EtherNet/IP connected via copper or fiber; supporting DLR, Linear, Star and PRP topologies.
  • Improved uptime with enhanced device integration, extensive diagnostic coverage, time-stamping and real-time device health monitoring.


  • Secure IT/OT convergence with open, standard, IT-friendly Ethernet network.
  • Defense-in-depth security strategy achieved with module vendor certificates, firmware encryption and secure boot functionality.


  • Shortened engineering time with simplified wiring, direct wiring terminations, snap-on shield bars and common data structures.
  • Reduced downtime with simplified RIUP and online module addition.

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