Studio5000 Logix Designer V32 from Rockwell Automation


The Studio 5000® environment combines engineering and design elements into one standard framework that enables optimized productivity and reduced commissioning time. With the Studio 5000 environment, you can respond more quickly to changing market and business needs, while reducing total costs of ownership, including maintenance and training.

What is new in Studio5000 Logix Designer V32?   

  • Extended 64-bit maths data types for 5380 & 5580
  • Enhanced alarm functions including the new 'Alarm Set Operation' (ASO) we
  • Simpler Function Block Diagram construction and 'wire jump' graphics.
  • Renaming of User Defined Tag type members and of tags on scan.
  • Improved controller diagnostics via upgraded device web pages.
  • Improved 'QuickWatch' pane
  • New 'Close All But This' software settings.
  • Improved 'Compare & Merge ' Tools.

With the Studio 5000 Applications you can:

  • Build and maintain a system layout in a central place with Architect™
  • Configure, program and maintain your Logix 5000™ family of controllers with Logix Designer®
  • Create intuitive, modern screens for the PanelView™ 5000 graphic terminals with View Designer™
  • Create and leverage re-usable libraries of content for rapid project development with Application Code Manager
  • Simulate your control system in a safe, virtual environment while reducing project cost and risk with Logix Emulate™
  • Link Rockwell controllers to various simulation and modeling tools for virtual commissioning, model based design, and self-configuring machines with Simulation Interface

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