Compact PowerFlex Drives from Allen-Bradley

The next generation of powerful performance. Flexible control.

Allen-Bradley PowerFlex 520-Series AC drives combine innovation and ease of use to provide motor control solutions designed to maximise your system performance and reduce your time to design and deliver better machines.

Each of the three drives in this family offers a unique set of features to distinctively match the needs of your application.

AC drives offer the following benefits:

  • Simplified Programming – MainsFree™ programming allows configuration files to be uploaded and downloaded to the PowerFlex 525 and PowerFlex 523 drive control module via a USB connection.
  • Innovative Design – The modular design helps reduce spare parts inventory and provides a faster way to install and configure drives.
  • High Operating Temperature – A control module fan kit allows PowerFlex 520-Series AC drives to run in temperatures up to 70 °C (158 °F) with current derating.
  • Flexibility – All PowerFlex 520-Series drives can be installed vertically or horizontally as well as side by side in either orientation. A control module fan kit is required for horizontal mounting.

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