How End Users, OEMs, and System Integrators can use Emulate3D

Emulate3D is digital twin software which enables you to design, test and commission without the financial and time risks usually associated with new projects.

The software will test how your machine performs to different pressures and will find any controls issues before you go to site.

What are the advantages of Emulate 3D?

Users of plant software can train on the software without consequences. Emulate 3D will help to predict future performance and simulate line changes.

The lifecycle of a machine can be unpredictable as demands, products and software change. Emulate 3D prevents various challenges and lets you test a range of scenarios to stop them from becoming problems.

Emulate3D helps:

  • Build better systems
  • Commission with confidence
  • Sharpen operator skills
  • Improve production

Watch the video below as Andy Parsons, Managing Director of AutoLogic demonstrates how End Users, OEMs and System Integrators can use Emulate3D to design their applications.

End Users and OEMs – turn key solution for a production line.

The example in the video shows how improvements can be made for depalletising of bottles through to palletisation on a bottling line.

Emulate 3D’s 2D engineering layout is the starting point that provides the line's engineering footprint and scale accuracy and representation.

Emulate 3D software helped spot the following opportunities:

  • Line balancing tool
    • Where is the best place for sensors to go?
    • What should their position be?
  • Variable frequency drives
    • What speed should they run at?
    • In what situations should the run?

Knowing the answers to those questions helps with the planning and how much buffer between different process should be added to the production line. The modelling helps support the mechanical design capacity and get it right before anything is bought or built, reducing risk and time to market.

System Integrator – large complex logistics facility (ecommerce)

In this example, the system integrator uses site software to control the plant. By using Emulate3D they can connect to the site model and receive instructions.

Using Emulate3D makes it easier:

  • To test the facility at peak rate and test any likely problems or bugs that can occur in site software (and often at peak times)
  • For the system integrator is able to de-risk processes and do more virtual commissioning before they go to the site, ensuring the factory’s acceptance test programme will run smoothly when they arrive on site.

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