Precise Process Measurement and Control with Allen-Bradley Signal Conditioners

Designed to Save Space, Time and Cost while Providing Top Performance

Allen-Bradley 931 Nano Signal Conditioners provide optimal signal isolation, conversion and amplification.

Critical process measurements such as temperature, pressure, flow, level, weight, speed, frequency, current or voltage in your continuous or batch production process are exposed to noise and harsh environmental conditions that result in erroneous signal. These Signal Conditioners help protect your measurements and provide a more reliable signal so your processes can run efficiently.

These DIN rail-mounted analog signal conditioners are compatible with all types of integrated PLC and DCS I/O systems. They can also be integrated with PlantPAx DCS to leverage a single control platform for batch, drives, motion control, process and safety. Signal Conditioners are commonly used in food and beverage production, water treatment, chemical processing, energy and power plants, steel production, oil and gas, and pharmaceutical industries.

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