Keystroking Readers vs. SDK Readers

RF IDeas offers two types of data output type for the pcProx Plus readers, Keystroke (referred to as the 81 series) and SDK rF-IDEAS.jpg(referred to as the 82 series or non-keystroking). Keystroke is a more hands-off reader. This reader outputs data emulating a keyboard. This reader simply outputs data as keyboard keystrokes after reading information from a card, also commonly known as an employee badge. The reader can then be configured to format the output data as needed.

The SDK reader is used in conjunction with the software development kit to work via commands from a host. This reader only sends data when requested by a host and as such, requires an application to request and process the raw data collected from the reader. The SDK relies on a host application to tell it how and when to use the data it collects. While both readers allow for customization, SDK data output relies on more detailed backend customization, with an application that instructs the reader exactly what to do with the data it collects.

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