Lightly Managed Switches for Industrial Environments

The Cisco Industrial Ethernet 1000 (IE1000) Series Switches enable industrial network connectivity where traditional unmanaged switches lack the required performance and do not offer visibility and control.

Cisco IE1000 is a lightly managed Layer 2 switch designed for industrial users to better achieve productivity and network reliability, a primary element to business success.

Benefit from:

  • Minimised downtime: troubleshoot, monitor, and diagnose with Web-based GUI tool.
  • Improved network resiliency: spanning tree enables network link redundancy and fast link recovery.
  • Increased network security: port security allows disabling ports to control what gets connected to the network.
  • Critical traffic prioritisation: guaranteed delivery of mission critical end devices traffic.
  • Reduced overall TCO: VLANs allow for logical segmentation in a single switch, which reduces total number of switches needed.

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