ArmorBlock I/O Family


The ArmorBlock I/O has a compact style with a low profile. Each block is sealed in an industrially hardened housing and contains I/O circuits, a built-in power supply, and a built-in network adapter that provides EtherNet/IP or DeviceNet network capability.

Available in 4, 8, and 16 I/O points the blocks can be horizontally or vertically mounted. The points can be input only, output only, both input-output or self-configuring. The self-configuring blocks can have any mix of input and output. Selected blocks with electronic fusing provide protection for output load devices and easy resetting. For quick connection and easy replacement, the I/O terminations are DC micro (M12) quick-disconnects or pico (M8) quick-disconnects. Additionally, the EtherNet/IP blocks support multi-cast and unicast and features embedded dual ports to allow flexibility in network configuration.

For use in safety applications, ArmorBlock Guard I/O is available in 16-point combined input and output versions, for use with your choice of safety input and actuator devices. The blocks offer PLd-rated, single-channel safety inputs and PLe-rated, dual-channel safety inputs while safety outputs are rated up to PLe.

ArmorBlock I/O and ArmorBlock Guard I/O blocks are best suited for automotive, material handling and packaging applications.

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