ProSoft Technology at Routeco LIVE

At Routeco LIVE, ProSoft Technology will showcase their range of communication solutions to interconnect to your machines, either locally or remotely, to make real-time adjustments and connect your workers to gain real-time insights into your processes.

With their range of in-chassis communication modules for Rockwell Automation® and standalone communication gateways, ProSoft can seamlessly interconnect different machines from different vendors on to your network and exchange data up to enterprise execution systems to help you with digitizing and optimizing your process.

Part of your digitalization journey may be to update or migrate legacy equipment, and ProSoft will be showing their range of migration gateways to communicate with legacy networks, such as DF1, DH485 and DH+/RIO.

ProSoft Technology graphic showing different communication elements, wired, ethernet and cloud.

Wired communications (serial and Ethernet-based) are only part of the solution. As mobile applications are becoming more automated, such as AGV/AMR/ASRS used in warehouses and production facilities, etc. require rugged, reliable wireless communications able to roam between access points in under 10ms, which allows the user to apply CIP Safety on moving and remote equipment. ProSoft will be demonstrating how you can design your wireless network using our wireless designer software tool and show you how to set up the RLX2-IHNF radios.

Graphic showing how wireless communications are used in warehouse automation.


Wireless communications are used to connect workers to the plant to gain valuable real-time insights into production data, and ProSoft Technology will be demonstrating Belden Horizon™ (formerly known as ProSoft Connect©).

Belden Horizon is ProSoft's cloud-based platform that they use to leverage existing applications for Secure Remote Access, allowing workers to securely log in to their applications from remote locations using secure VPN tunnels, and Persistent Data Networks (PDN), which are always on VPN tunnels to interconnect multiple sites using a managed layer 2 network, and include remote access.

Graphic diagram of how Belden Horizon leverages existing applications for secure remote accessDiagram of how Belden Horizon allows workers to use secure remote access


ProSoft Technology are excited to announce a new application being added to Belden Horizon in 2022: Edge Orchestration. This supports the deployment and management of Edge applications (containers) across one or many devices, including monitoring and over-the-air updates for the hardware.

Come and join the ProSoft team at Routeco LIVE to discuss your communication, optimization, and modernization journey to the Edge.


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