What business improvements could you achieve by modernising?

Benefit from Modernisation with ProSoft Technology.

Check the business improvements you could make below to support this transition.

Connected equipment: Connecting all your equipment is the first step to realizing benefits from the Industrial Internet of Things. One aspect that can help in this process is the use of more modern protocols that can connect via gateways – but as your equipment ages, connectivity solutions may be harder to come by. By modernising, you can ensure your equipment is, well, equipped to connect to other devices and collect essential data.

Lowered operational and maintenance costs: This one traces back to data access. Gaining insights into operational trends helps you identify the positives – and negatives. If you notice inefficiency in a certain process or see one production line is lagging, you can determine where a change needs to be made. Similarly, by noting issues that follow a certain schedule, you can incorporate predictive maintenance work to decrease associated downtime.

Increased speed and reliability: Newer control systems have more modern functionality – which means you’ll notice improvements in their speed and reliability almost immediately.

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